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Hi, I'm Chukwuma (but you can call me Chuck for the sake of simplicity). I take it you've come here to learn a bit about me; so, here we go. I've been considered a jack of all trades, but never a "master of none", fortunately.

I'm great with communication and am usually always reachable. I strive to always provide exceptional customer service. I love multi-tasking and working with deadlines. Troubleshooting has always been fun to me. I'm often asked why I study subjects like theoretical physics and why I do things like programming. The answer is quite simple: problem-solving. I love puzzles. I enjoy having to think outside the box or come up with a solution on my own. That is the main reason I do things like that. To encounter an obstacle and be forced to think creatively to solve it and then solving it: that is one of the greatest feelings imaginable.

I started coding on a contract basis in 2006 as a C++/AngelScript coder for a few small independent video game companies. I worked on coding NPC's for the companies and quickly moved up to creating classes and doing database work for some private servers. 2 years later, I started my own private server and hosted a video game for my group of friends and even attempted to publicize it. But as I was entering high school, I had to switch my focus.

I started and continued through Lane Tech College Prep as an art major with an emphasis on digital art, photography and design but graduated as a Biology Major. I switched because I wanted to deal with more complex problem solving like dealing with the fragility of human systems (as if computers weren't hard enough). While at Lane Tech, I did a lot of contracted photography work. I now am a retired photography and offer free photoshoots for aspiring models and free photoshoots for events. Feel free to contact me for any of this by the way. Donations are welcome, but definitely not necessary.

I went through university at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, IL as a Pre-Med/Biology Major and had a great time developing the knowledge I had of the human body as it pertains to medicine and even graduated from Northwestern's HPREP program as top of the class (don't worry, I have a certificate to prove it). While attending the University, I also did a lot of research work under the supervision of Dr. Ricardo Monzon, Ph. D. This is where I truly got to put love for research and problem solving to work. I'm currently working on two medical research projects as the lead researcher, under Dr. Monzon's supervision, for creating a cure for Type I diabetes and creating pluripotent stem-cells using differentiated adult cells, both of which I wrote the proposals for. Both research projects are currently on hiatus as we wait for grant approvals.

To pay for all the expenses of school and living away from home, I had to get a job. So I started working at Dick's Sporting Goods in 2013. Working here allowed me to do the thing I loved still: problem-solving. I worked as a cashier when I first started but quickly gained experience and began working in 3 other departments. My main department, which I have been lead trained for, was footwear. I had the pleasure of being able to help customers with foot problems which allowed me to employ my medical knowledge and utilize my skills in problem solving. It was a great joy working there but I realized that higher up had a few problems. I'm not talking about personal management issues; I'm talking about technological issues.

The most recent department I worked for was the "Ship from Store" ECommerce department. There, I was in charge of the store's online orders. I had to process, fulfill, and manage the stores daily online orders. While using their programs to do this, I constantly would ponder how I would improve on their framework.

While working at Dicks Sporting Goods, I became good friends with my managers and while talking to each of them I realized there was a consistent problem in the workplace. The schedule maker program they use. The managers would tell me how the schedule maker that Dick's Sporting Goods provides was practically good for nothing. It would get all the names into a spreadsheet format, but it had a hard time generating a proper schedule that made sense. Often times it would schedule the same employee in two different departments at the same time, or not schedule any cashiers for the entire work day, etc. So I made a goal in 2015 to create a proper scheduling system for my managers at Dicks Sporting Goods. Codename: Project OPHION.

Alongside my contracted work, I also enjoy developing my own websites and managing others. My first solo project is named OPHION. It is an employee handler. It started as a solution for my most recent retail employer at Dick's Sporting Goods, but quickly evolved into what it is now: The World's Best Employee Handler. It is capable of handling all employee information in one directory for managers and other employees to look through to contact each other and also capable of generating schedules with any specifications that the user may decide on. I consider it the "smart scheduler". It also features a companion app that allows employees and employers to message each other, request time off, obtain contact information, and view generated schedules. The app will be available (hopefully) in Q3 2016. OPHION aims to be the ulimate solution for employee management for businesses of any size, from small "Mom and Pop" stores to large scale international businesses. I also help develop and manage other websites, two of which are and

Currently, I spend a lot of time working on my solo project OPHION, PHP coding and Wordpress development. My other skills are definitely not diminished so if you need any work done within those fields, contact me at any time and I'd be more than happy to assist you to my fullest ability.

I am dominantly a PHP developer with strong HTML/CSS background. I also possess proficiency in MySQL, Wordpress (with themes), jQuery, wamp, Navicat, JavaScript, CodeIgniter, UX/UI work. You can contact me for any work regarding the above, as well as: C++, the full Adobe Suite, Video-Game development (modeling, animating, developing) using: Unreal Engine, UDK, CryEngine, RealFlow, 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, Blender, and Poser Pro Photography/Video recording and editing: using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Premiere, and Cinema 4D Music production, mixing/mastering in: FL Studio, Melodyne, Audition I can also help you with lost data retrieval or server work. Oh and I can also fix your cracked phone screen. Don't worry, it's probably salvageable.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything that I listed above, or if something you need done isn't listed, contact me anyway and I might know how to do it, or I could help you find someone who can! Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you enjoyed your stay. If you didn't please send me some feedback so I can know what to do to make your next visit more enjoyable.

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Web Design Work

Go here to see my design portfolio for various apps I've shipped, redesigns I've made and web apps I've created!

Developer Work

A lot of my more recent work is on my GitHub - Click Here!.


Pinots.Games - Game Server Hosting: Game servers that are fine like wine

Custom CRMs - Vtiger is an open source Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software - A web application and phone application (iPhone/Android) for the company Suited Connector

React Dash - Dashboard Software for Boru Apps built with React

munchPHP - An open source PHP Framework to make your websites easier, faster.

Socialites - Phone app built with React Natve

A.L.I.C.E - A bot to beat the Turing test on Vue.js and BotUI - Commissioned work for a singer/songwriter!

My Wordpress Blog - A place for me to collect my thoughts

Wordpress Demo - Responsive theme demo on Wordpress

SquareSpace Demo - Responsive theme demo on SquareSpace

Project: OPHION - The World's Best Employee Handler

Trip Calc - Calculate how much it would cost to travel the world

Tumblr - A place for me to share and share my thoughts

Gas Price Estimator (WIP) - Soon I'll be able to predict the rise and fall of gas prices


Gas Price Estimator - Software version of the online gas price estimator

Trip Calculator - Software version of the online trip calc I created

Video Game Scripting

Chatter - Incoming iPhone app!

Art Work

All Art

Facebook - Some of the pictures I took when I was a young lad on Facebook

Photography - Some albums of commissioned photoshoots

RWBY: The Video Game - Commissioned video game development for the RWBY Franchise


Pinots.Games - Game Server Hosting: Game servers that are fine like wine.

Socialites - Helping you make the most meaningful connections to those you love

Lighthouse Longboards - The best and only custom long board company in Chicago



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